Measure Twice,
Cut Once!

planning for your success

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How many marketing agencies have you dealt with that are incapable of staying on time and on budget?

Project management isn’t typically a strength within most digital marketing agencies. As a result, surprises happen when they shouldn’t, and the client experience is compromised.

Timely Execution

We identify the level of effort required for each task, sub-task, and micro-task. Throughout the marketing process, we assign dependencies to each task. Using this method helps us understand the weight each task has against your project’s deadline. Defining the critical path of a project, helps us understand the potential for scope creep, and ensure that we don’t prioritize the wrong tasks.


Every client that we work with gains access to our project management system. This system allows you to see and measure our progress at all times. In our weekly discussions, we use the Gantt Chart view to share the status of your overall marketing project, outstanding items, and pace of execution.

Revision Phase

Information Determines Direction. We understand you can’t plan for everything. To help, we’ve fostered a culture of planning and preparing among our team, so we’re ready before the heavy lifting begins. Taking the time to think everything through limits the revision phase. As a result, we’re able to keep your marketing project on time and on budget.


To help you visualize your new website. You will receive a fully-clickable prototype before we start development. Within it, we include all notes for development and design. By interacting with your future site before coding begins, we can catch potential issues early on, and all but eliminate the revision phase. 


To properly develop your brand, we need to share a brain with you. Our team needs to know your brand’s origin, history, weaknesses, and strengths. Using a detailed brand discovery session allows us to mind-meld with our clients. The knowledge shared during this session keeps everyone on the same page throughout the design and marketing process.

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