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A Digital Marketing Agency Focused On Measurable Growth

We help our clients grow their businesses through purposeful marketing strategies and measured results.

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Measure Twice... Cut Once

Have you ever heard of a marketing agency that is Six Sigma certified? Our team uses detailed processes as a roadmap, avoiding distractions and detours while keeping the finish line in focus.

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A website can tell your brand's story, show customers that you know your stuff, and drive your business revenue.

Our web development service focuses on helping grow your business online wile integrating with your digital marketing strategies. We do not make websites that satisfy our aesthetic goals. By building sites that hold up to the highest SEO standards, our digital marketing agency can create something beautiful that is also a tool for revenue growth.

Organic traffic is the best traffic. Without a strategic approach, your website can inhibit your organic reach and keep your site from showing on search engines like Google.

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Website, social media, email inboxes; your clients are a little bit of everywhere, all at once. At Fable Heart Media, we dig into the details to make sure your digital marketing efforts achieve your bigger business goals. A well-thought-out marketing plan will generate results and bring your customers back for more.

With our connected approach, you can use digital marketing to reach out with the right message, when it matters most.

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What if you could reach clients at the right place, right time, whenever they're in the mood to buy?

Your customers already use their phones to shop, read online reviews, and get directions to nearby stores. Digital advertising allows you to jump on these moments to promote your products and make a sale when the timing is just right.

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The "sell sell sell" strategy doesn't work. Today, those little red hearts on social media make a big difference. People want a brand they can interact with and trust. 

Our digital marketing agency's social media management service helps pave a two-way road of communication between you and customers. As your likes and retweets rise, so does brand loyalty, keeping your clients engaged online and off.

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A brand is not just a logo. It's your company's personality.

Like a stunning piece of architecture, the details make all the difference. When our digital marketing agency designs your brand, we include elements such as your tone and voice, color palette, typefaces, logos, and imagery rules.

Done right, a well-thought-out brand builds unity across your business and makes a memorable, lasting mark on your clients.

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Nick Leonard
Founder | Creative Director
Sam Cabot
Director of Inbound Marketing

Word on the Street

Fable Heart Media has been a wonderful partner in building our new website. Led by Nick Leonard, the firm’s forward-thinking strategy and suggestions have been very helpful in re-establishing our digital presence. With fair pricing and solid customer service, a conversation with Fable Heart Media is one worth having.

Working with Fable Heart Media has been a fantastic experience. What started as a website rebuild has grown to a full marketing partnership, where they treat our company initiatives and budget as if it were their own. Nick and his team have shown us the value of marketing, and we are truly thankful for our partnership.

The team at Fable Heart has become an extension of our marketing department and trusted representative of our strategy. They are extremely knowledgeable, responsive, highly communicative and patient. Their only goal is your success.

Fable Heart Media is a fantastic marketing partner. Not only did they help us build a world-class brand and website, but they also do an excellent job managing our social media and advertising. When we call, they answer. Their attention to detail and out of the box thinking has helped our business grow.

We have been wanting to start a content creation project about our company for some time now and were blown away by Fable Heart’s expertise. Their strategic and methodical process for obtaining the information and converting it into something of value far exceeds other marketing companies...

They think outside of the box and help us navigate the digital space, especially during a crisis like the world is experiencing today.

What sealed the deal were Fable Heart Media's strategies and techniques that helped guide us through what is required in today's market.

I knew that I needed someone that understood small businesses and their needs regarding not only a new website but someone that could help me with a new company logo. All items concerned this is one of the best business experiences in my 45 year business career.

Our Values

  1. Quality

    Your website might stand out and shine, but does it generate business? Our digital marketing agency never settles for "good enough." At Fable Heart Media, we aim to exceed expectations while offering you the services needed to build your business.

  2. Transparency

    Some digital marketing agencies hide their services behind big, fleeced promises and false guarantees. At Fable Heart Media, we've developed a process based on transparency and trust to ensure that you know where your marketing budget is spent.

  3. Efficiency

    We start our process by defining your company's goals, audience, and opportunities. Rather than wasting time and money, our digital marketing agency works with you to create a clear path for success before rushing off to win the race.

  4. Innovation

    No two companies are alike. Your business goals don't match anyone else's, and neither should your marketing. At Fable Heart Media, we customize our marketing services for each client to create a unique strategy built to exceed your specific goals.

  5. Empathy

    Our marketing services get to the heart of what your business needs to succeed. By focusing on people, not sales, our digital marketing agency offers a process that's heavy on collaboration to deeply understand your goals and needs.

Fable Heart Media

We are an Award Winning Ad Agency

JUMPSTART Your Digital Advertising!

We’ve done it before and we could do it for you too, Free of Charge!

Terms and Conditions

(April 2024)


One winner, of a Grand Prize, will be selected by random draw five (5) days following the deadline for entry.


The winner selected by the random draw will be notified at the contact information in their application form within five (5) days of the draw.


Within ten (10) days of notification, the notified winner must respond to the Jumpstart Jax notifier at the return contact information provided in the notification, to accept the prize stated. If acceptance does not occur, a re-draw will take place within five (5) days of the failure of acceptance to select a replacement winner.


All entries must be submitted in completed form by May 31, 2024.


All valid entries must use the official entry form. Forms may be requested by emailing [email protected] or downloaded from the following website (https://fableheartmedia.com/jumpstart-jax. Only one entry per business entrant is permitted.


To enter, the entrant must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • a. Be a business entity registered with Sunbiz.org with a principal place of business located within a 50 mile radius of Jacksonville, Florida;
  • b. Be engaged in an ongoing business (promotion does not include proposed, hypothetical, or pre-launch businesses);
  • c. Possess a valid EIN (employee identification number);
  • d. Have at least one active social media channel and one active, operable static website;
  • e. Have owners that are 18 years of age, or older;
  • f. Not engage in any of the following businesses:
    • i. Adult entertainment;
    • ii. Payday loans;
    • iii. Pawn shop;
    • iv. Factoring;
    • v. Sale of cannabis or tobacco-vape products at retail;
    • vi. Flea market;
    • vii. Politically or partisan-speech oriented businesses.
  • g. Must be allowed to advertise (must not be prohibited from advertising by government regulation of their industry);
  • h. Must not be subject to a contractual restriction that would curtail or prohibit advertising (noncompete or nonsolicitation agreements).


Invalid entries, due to eligibility, entry form incompletion, missed deadline for entry, or non-acceptance after notification, will be discarded and removed from this promotion.


    • An advertising package valued at $10,000, created for the winner by FableHeart Media including:
      • $3,000 in advertising spend;
      • Up to 90 days advertisement duration;
      • Setup, creative, and management services to create the advertisement;
      • Bi-weekly reporting on advertisement performance.


  • Ad created must be approved by client prior to launch;
  • Client approval must not be unreasonably withheld;
  • 30 days of setup time is required prior to launch;
  • All intellectual property created by FableHeart Media in creating the ad remains the property of FableHeart Media;
  • Ad must be managed by FableHeart Media, and may not be transferred by the Client to management by a third-party or competitor;
  • Performance or results of the ad cannot be guaranteed;
  • Client must complete an initial questionnaire and attend an initial consultation with FableHeart Media prior to creation of the ad;
  • Prize must be redeemed after acceptance for advertising in CY 2024.

Entrants should request clarification as to any of the foregoing conditions and qualifiers prior to entering, by emailing to [email protected].


We Are Giving Away an

Advertising Package VALUED AT $10,000

Jumpstart Jax