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Register Roofing is a commercial roofing company in Jacksonville, FL, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, yet their lack of marketing efforts kept them from closing deals and reaching their ideal customers. They knew they needed help. In lieu of hiring internal marketing staff, Fable Heart stepped in as a completely outsourced marketing department. Our objective was to maximize their exposure, automate their sales and marketing systems, and drive more revenue for less than the cost of one employee. Fable Heart Media helped Register Roofing save on unnecessary personnel expenses while also influencing $3.2 million in closed contracts in 2022. Our efforts directly impacted the company’s growth and success, and we are so grateful for our partnership.

Register Roofing Impact Summary


Register Roofing Challenge

Register Roofing was well established in the North Florida area; they had many large government contracts and solidified client relationships. 40 years of consistent commercial roofing laid the foundation for immense growth in the coming years; they just needed the blueprint and execution to move forward. Their website was not optimized for user experience; it was riddled with structural and aesthetic issues, there was no SEO, and site speed was low. They weren’t ranking on search engines, preventing potential clients from landing on their site. In addition to the website problems, they weren’t posting on social media or creating content to drive brand awareness and site traffic. Register Roofing needed a new website and an omnichannel marketing strategy to drive awareness, community name recognition, and leads.


Our approach began by identifying the problem and working our way backward to find a viable solution. We successfully defined the company’s brand through in-depth audience and industry research. We worked to showcase the true value of Register Roofing not only to its current consumer base but to new consumers as well. Expanding the company’s existing reach ensured Register Roofing differentiated from the Register team met and continues to meet with Register Roofing to give project updates. The company vets every micro-task before any work begins, thus allowing for constant open communication between both parties.

"Working with Fable Heart Media has been a fantastic experience. What started as a website rebuild has grown to a full marketing partnership, where they treat our company initiatives and budget as if it were their own. Nick and his team have shown us the value of marketing, and we are truly thankful for our partnership."
Lincoln Register


All of the services performed for Register Roofing were within the context of our marketing insourcing service: Marketing Management. We became the marketing team and proactively planned and executed all marketing initiatives. 




Website Featured Image


Like many established businesses with a dated website, Register Roofing had a digital presence but did not have a site that solicited and nurtured traffic. Our goal was to build a site around their new branding, incorporate language that would connect with general contractors and architects, and maximize SEO reach with high-velocity keywords. We needed to transform this website into a conversion machine.

XD Prototyping Register Roofing


Fable Heart Media’s innovative design approach completely eliminated the Revision Phase and allowed for the design and development of to be completed in 4 months.  

Every component was custom-built for a strong mobile experience and completely prototyped before the first line of code was written. This allowed the client to use their site before we brought everything into WordPress. Our approach allowed for a fully transparent experience and introduced no surprises during the development phase.

The completely custom WordPress theme was built and deployed with a seamless integration with HubSpot. This, along with the installation of Elementor Pro ensured that the client could easily maintain their site on their own if needed.


Before the website’s launch in October 2021, users experienced long load times, SEO issues, and less organic traffic. When the new site was launched, users were able to navigate the website seamlessly. The user-friendly website design resulted in the following improvements:


2,000% Increase In Site Traffic

Reduced Bounce Rate by -35%

Through the use of WordPress, our development team created custom “drag and drop” widgets and templates. The company could now easily add and archive content such as blogs, images, articles, and more.


This project was extremely involved and very fun. Through our discovery process, we identified a number of conflicts between Register Roofing’s impact in the construction space, their growth trajectory, and their brand. We had the opportunity to deeply connect to Register’s roots in Jacksonville, FL, while springboarding their brand into the next phase of external and internal perception. The mark needed to feel established without feeling dated. The tone needed to be confident and innovative. The pallet needed to feel sturdy and reliable, like the roofs this client is known for.

Register Roofing Branding
Register Roofing Logo Word Map


Paragraph: Our process began with word association and mood boarding to establish the nuances of the words “Register” and “Roofing”. As the concepts with the most potential jumped off the page, we pursued our deep discovery interviews with the Founder and President of the company. We talked through how Register Roofing started and defined the demographics of who that company was in the early days. Knowing the origin story of a brand is the only way to progress toward an updated evolution.

What would they look like if Register Roofing walked into the room today? What would they wear, and how old would they be? Would their hands be calloused and rough? Would they look like they were on a roof all day or in meetings all day? Questions like this allowed us to align the internal perception of the brand with the external potential.

Logo Mark

Register Roofing Logo Mark
Register Roofing Branding Typography

As with any logo we design, our team begins with in-depth company research, including the target audience and overall brand personality. Brands are distinct because of their personalities; our team needed to highlight that in our design. Register Roofing’s previous logo was not accurately showcasing their experience, nor did it have timeless value. One major downfall is that the previous logo featured the Jacksonville Skyline bridge. And although this was created with the original intention of serving the Jacksonville area, as Register Roofing continued to grow, so did its geographical location. The company now serves the entire Florida northeast area and will continue expanding.

Our team initially drew inspiration from 80’s logo, designs, and colors to represent the company’s experience. Register Roofing’s new logo accomplished two things: 1. Convey the company’s lasting experience in the industry, and 2. Incorporate 80’s look and feel without making a mark that feels dated. We cut out the Jacksonville Skyline to show that the company continued to grow its geographical sector and included a roofing nail within the negative space of the R to give the logo an industrial look.

Register Roofing Full Color Badge
Register Roofing Mark Full Color

CRM + Marketing Automation
+ Sales Automation

The need for a single source of truth that consolidated customer data, marketing initiatives, and sales activity was very prevalent with Register Roofing. When Fable Heart Media began this project, we immediately noticed that the client had no CRM. Their work-order management system was the only database that contained customer information. If we were to begin marketing, we would have no way of measuring our influence on individual customers and deals. As HubSpot partners, the direction was clear. We decided to lean into a data-based approach by implementing Hubspot Marketing Hub Pro and Sales Hub Pro.

Register Roofing Hubspot Featured Image

Implementation and Onboarding

DIFM (Do It For Me) HubSpot Implementation

With HubSpot, clients have the option of implementing the software on their own, implementing with assistance, or fully outsourcing implementation. Register Roofing selected DIFM Hubspot Implementation and completely gave Fable Heart Media the keys for the rollout of Marketing Hub Pro and Sales Hub Pro.

Marketing Hub Professional gives marketing teams everything they need to prove their return on investment, run automated campaigns at scale and collaborate seamlessly.

Sales Hub supercharges your sales process and eliminates friction by bringing all your tools and data together on one easy-to-use, powerful CRM platform your whole team loves. This sales software helps you sell faster and better with powerful automation so that you’re freed up to focus on what really matters: your customers.

Custom Theme Development

Register Roofing Hubspot Child Theme

To ensure that our SEO blogs seamlessly integrates with the user experience we created within, we developed a custom blog theme that looks and feels like Register Roofing but also supports contact-level activity tracking and campaign monitoring through Hubspot. We created a subdomain ( that is completely built within Hubspot. Every blog we publish is now connected to campaigns that measure which contacts interacted with a blog, how much they read, and if they clicked a CTA. You can imagine how this information would be valuable during the sales process.

Workflows and Sales Automations

The biggest barrier to a CRM implementation is data management… unless you’re using Hubspot. Our custom workflows automatically manage contacts and records, while our sales automations alleviate the biggest gap in the normal sales process – the follow-up. Because of our new automations, the team at Register Roofing is not burdened by the implementation of HubSpot. Rather than a CRM that adds more work for salespeople, we found ways to reduce clerical time and maximize the focus of their lean sales force around warm leads.

Register Roofing Workflows and automation

The Challenge

Capturing Valuable Content

Photography and videography go beyond snapping pictures and recording video. Register Roofing had content; however, it was unorganized and outdated. This hurts a website’s search rank and runs the risk of running out of content. Register Roofing needed to present itself as the multi-million dollar company they are. To do so, they needed up-to-date professional content that told a story that truly showed their audience why Register is the best in the business. Our team developed a content strategy to convey Register’s unique services, project highlights, and customer testimonials. The content was used for blogs, the website, social media posts, and email.

Register Roofing Content Creation


Every quarter, our marketing team would organize a content gathering day for Register Roofing. We would coordinate with Register Roofing the best active job sites to go to where we could capture the most engaging content. Once that was established, we created a detailed shot list of images and clips we could grab on the job, as well as talking points for Register employees to use for project highlight videos. We would also set aside time to do a multi-camera set up video shoot to film customer testimonials. Register Roofing was doing a lot of cool things and had many great wins, they just weren’t being shared. Our content creation strategy was able to change that.

Despite having a sizable list of contacts accumulated over 40 years in business, Register Roofing wasn’t utilizing them to drive business growth. They had no email marketing strategy in place which meant a huge opportunity to speak to their base was being missed. There weres millions of dollars of untapped revenue. A lot of their business was gained through RFP’s. They needed an email marketing strategy that allowed them to stay top of mind in a way that wasn’t salesy, and gave their base a reason to open their emails and avoid the RFP by going directly to a deal.

General email strategies don’t work for B2B companies. It’s important to use email marketing to nurture leads down the conversion funnel. Our inbound marketing team created an email marketing strategy focused on positioning Register Roofing and its executives as thought leaders in the commercial roofing and construction industries and ultimately landing deals. Our efforts influenced over $3.2 million in the first year of implementing the new strategy.


Email Marketing Featured Image


Register wasn’t sharing their wins with their current clients or leads. The easiest way to do that is to send a company newsletter each month. Company newsletters are often ignored in the saturated inboxes of recipients, but that’s due to poor execution.

Our team structured their newsletter centered around one goal: driving recipients to the Register website to read about their wins. Positioning the company and its executives as thought leaders in the industry through the content is an effective strategy for B2B newsletters.

Their newsletter is divided into three main sections: an article or case study (to drive site traffic and share wins), a market update section (covering PPI, commodity futures for construction products, and a market summary – thought leadership), and a note from the CEO.

Just one of these newsletters led to the closing of a $1 million deal. It only takes one.

Register Roofing Hubspot Newsletter Layout


Register Roofing Account Based Marketing

Each of Register’s leads exist at different stages of the conversion funnel, and the buying cycle for a commercial roof is long, which is why nurturing those leads differently is important.

We used email list segmentation in HubSpot to create our low-level contact lists: high-frequency clients, low-frequency clients, etc. Those contacts had different lead statuses attached to them based on their position in the buying cycle. Customized marketing emails are sent to the lists with slightly different messaging; some emails were only sent to one list, while others were sent to all lists.

For clients who are in the Consideration and Decision-making stages, case studies are sent from Register’s CEO. Personalization is a big part of account-based emails. If the lead feels like they’re talking to a human and not being sent an automated email, it’s a big turn-off.

The account-based emails we sent on Register’s behalf see an average open rate of 20% and an average click-through rate of 25%.


Register’s new site has well-positioned CTA’s, guiding users around the website in very clear pathways. Some of those calls to actions require email automation: request an estimate, sign up for newsletters, etc. Users take these actions and expect a response pretty instantly. Register’s employees are not available to respond personally within seconds, so our team set up auto-response emails through HubSpot.

When a user fills out a contact form, they receive an instant response that feels personal and warm, letting them know that someone will call them within a certain time frame to discuss their request. The next automated action that occurs in HubSpot upon user form interaction is a lead status change and they are moved to a contact list that aligns with their request. These automated actions work to increase user engagement and save Register time – that’s a win-win!


 Without any social media presence, Register Roofing lacked audience growth and was not differentiating itself from the competition. Nowadays, having an active social media presence is critical for any business, as it drives traffic to your site and can significantly expand your reach. Our team developed a social media strategy to increase their social media presence through valuable content and engagement among all platforms. What Fable Heart Media did differently than other agencies were going beyond posting on the company’s behalf. We took the time to become roofing experts in our own right by having frequent meetings with Register Leadership to discuss their thoughts and opinions on roofing trends and current events. This helped the company expand its reach beyond local businesses who wanted to hire them for a project; our content positioned them as experts in their field beyond Jacksonville, Florida.

Register Roofing Social Media Management


Our team heavily researched Register Roofing’s social audience and specifically focused on which social media platforms they were most active on. Our team set up Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts to grow their audience. Register Roofing expanded its reach and gained various customers by utilizing these platforms. Additionally, our team worked to be active on each platform by posting often and interacting with similar accounts in their industry. We researched industry-related hashtags with varying densities, suppliers in the industry, and competitors. Fable Heart Media developed a master list of these hashtags and accounts across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and spent time each day engaging with them.

In addition to our engagement research, we spent time cultivating a list of hashtags to implement in every one of Register Roofing’s social media posts. While building their social media strategy, we broke down their hashtags into five categories: past/current roof projects, real estate/real estate development, design inspiration, roof knowledge/facts, and commercial projects. We knew hashtags related to these topics would help expand Register’s growth.


After implementing the social strategy, things improved drastically and quickly. Post impressions on Instagram more than quadrupled and engagements on Instagram tripled in one month. There was a 97% increase in LinkedIn average daily impressions. Check out more results below.

34,788+ Impressions

3,000 + Interactions

150% Increase in Audience Size


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