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Kochman Consultants, Ltd. (KCL) is a family-owned company that develops innovative design software and cutting-edge technology solutions for members of the worldwide foodservice design industry. 

When the company began in 1985, the same year that Microsoft released its Windows operating system, computer software was still relatively new. KCL’s efforts to streamline the design process for the foodservice industry were progressive. However, with so much effort put towards their software, their website took a back seat. It was time for Fable Heart Media to showcase the capabilities of their restaurant design software the right way and reintroduce KCL to their industry.

The Challenge

The real challenge for KCL was sharing the benefits of their design software with potential customers. Their website was not ranking well on search engines due to a lack of SEO, limiting its possible reach. Also, technical issues related to readability and page load speed combined to create a barrier to new client acquisition. If a visitor did manage to find in a search, slow site speeds and layout likely caused them to bounce shortly after arrival. 

Enhancing the website was a significant part of this project; however, KCL needed a fully overhauled brand, and a well thought out marketing launch to complete their facelift.

Our Approach

Our approach with this project, and every project we take on, began by defining the critical path and communicating it to the client. These steps were essential in controlling scope creep and saving the client time, money, and stress. 

Our team planned from KCL’s goals backward, and we only started work after vetting every micro-task. The KCL team believed in our process and workflow, which fostered a trusting and collaborative relationship.

A couple of things were very important to the decision-makers at KCL:


The new brand needed to position KCL as a tech leader in the foodservice industry while paying homage to their 35 years in business.


The website needed to focus on driving subscriptions through both organic and paid marketing tactics.

The Solution

When performing a Google search for KCL, multiple websites appeared with various versions of their brand. There was no brand consistency, which confused potential clients. It also harmed the credibility that KCL worked the last 35 years to build. 

We aimed to reinvigorate KCL’s branding without sacrificing the brand recognition that its logo has in the foodservice industry. The Fable Heart design team worked hard to add clarity, weight, and history to KCL’s existing logo and incorporated clean, modern illustrations to complete the brand package. 

On the website, we used simple shapes and the concept of geometry to create a clean look that ties perfectly into KCL’s new brand and reflects their place in foodservice design.

The original KCL website was loading over 250 resources on a single page. These resources included images, fonts, and other files related to their application. These requests were negatively affecting the user experience. Visitors to the website experienced increased load times, high bounce rates, and files that would not download.

Site speeds rely heavily on the structure of a website. Our development team used best practices to hand code (HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / PHP) each page of KCL’s new site and a custom WordPress environment to ensure the website looked incredible and loaded fast. 

By crafting pages of the website using Elementor, members of the KCL team can easily make content updates without needing a developer. 

Aside from the structure, the design of the website was too dated. The site had utilized the same look and feel for many years. The shelf life of a great site design is around two years. We created custom animations and other graphical elements to increase credibility within the industry and with KCL’s customers.


The existing website was not correctly set up for search engine optimization (SEO). Sites that are missing essential SEO elements don’t rank well on search engines such as Google and Bing. On the original KCL website, several items were missing, including a proper site map, robots.txt, image alt tags, and correctly formatted meta descriptions. During the development phase, our team added all of these essential elements to to increase the number of site visitors and page views. 

Site readability is often overlooked when building a website. A strong readability score helps ensure that site visitors can easily understand KCL’s content. If a website is hard to understand, visitors may leave without moving to another page. When we started working on, the site had a readability score of 55, which is well below a healthy score of 70.

After refreshing KCL’s brand and launching their new website, it was time to reintroduce their software to the foodservice industry. Our team started by laying out a plan to track ROI attribution across the launch campaign. Once we could track transactions in Google Analytics, we utilized those tracking mechanisms within an email, PPC advertising, social media, and industry advertising campaign. 

Email Marketing

With KCL celebrating their 35th anniversary, it’s easy to understand that they would have built quite a sizable contact list. When developing our launch strategy, email marketing was toward the top of our list. By targeting past and current subscribers, we drove both new subscriptions and renewals using a list of people who already had a previous relationship with KCL. 

PPC and Social Media

With the PPC and social media campaigns, our team targeted prospective customers in the industry who may not have heard of KCL. To track attribution and drive traffic toward valuable results, we developed a landing page focused on new subscription purchases. On the landing page, we used a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency and a simplified design to keep visitors on a profitable path. 

Industry Ads

Working on behalf of KCL, our team placed ads with the foodservice industry’s leading publication, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine (, to drive awareness and sales with foodservice dealers, designers, and consultants.



New Logo vs. Old Logo

The previous design was dated design and included limited variants. Our updates included unique iconography paired with geometric type promotes precision and approachability.

Full Color KCL Logo
KCL Logo
KCL Compass Icon Designed by Fable Heart Media
KCL "Compass" Icon
KCL 35th Anniversary Logo Designed by Fable Heart Media
35th Anniversary Logo

Web Design

New Website vs. Old Website

The new website is fully responsive and SEO optimized, reintroducing KCL as the original foodservice industry disruptor.

Manufacturer Table

When choosing a restaurant design software, KCL’s customers want to know that CAD and Revit® objects from their preferred manufacturers are available. To help their customers see this information at a glance, we developed a dynamic manufacturer table using PHP.

Thanks to a direct feed from their database, this custom element is always up-to-date. So every time KCL adds a new foodservice manufacturer to their library, they’re added to the table automatically.

KCL Automatic Counts
KCL Automatic Counts on a Mobile Device

Automatic Counts

KCL offers foodservice professionals access to a vast library of design files. To highlight the number of CAD blocks, Revit families, and other files that a new customer can use with a KCL subscription, our team included counts throughout the website. 

These counts are exact and updated daily using a widget that we developed with Javascript and PHP code. 

Floating shapes and lines at the top of the KCL website

Floating Shapes and Lines

To convey the idea of togetherness and to create a more technology-focused appearance, we opted for the use of simple geometric shapes throughout KCL’s brand and website. On, these elements float over sections creating a multi-dimensional feel – perfect for a company whose primary customers work in many layers and dimensions every day.

The Results

Through close collaboration, Fable Heart Media developed a brand and website that reflects the innovative spirit and technology that KCL provides to the foodservice industry. 

Site visitors can now easily navigate and find the information that they’re seeking on, no matter their device. Most importantly, the website is currently set up to drive traffic and engage customers laying the foundation for KCL’s next 35 years.



Increase in Page Views Versus The Previously Tracked 12 Month Average


Increase in Website Readability


Improvement in the Website’s Average Bounce Rate


Increased New Users by 15%

"Our shared commitment to customer service made them [Fable Heart Media] a natural partner. And managing partner Mike Kent’s background in foodservice gave us a shared vocabulary and vision."

- Kevin Kochman, KCL

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